Post by Camille – Day 2 Visit to Yuvalok

Camille Picture 1A day that stands out for me was Tuesday, when we visited Yuvalok, the charity we chose to raise money for before coming to India. Yuvalok is an NGO which was set up in 1993 with the aim of providing education to hundreds of slum children and child labourers in Bangalore. We were given a wonderful greeting when we arrived at the school – many students, along with the directors and staff of the school, were sat waiting patiently for us as we arrived and we were met with a friendly applause and a beautiful traditional dance performed by four students. I was very impressed by the children’s enthusiasm and joy, and how grateful they are to receive an education – something which is often taken for granted in more developed countries like the UK. At the end we presented our cheque of money that we raised for them – although it didn’t seem like a huge amount considering how much is needed to keep the school running, they still were very thankful that we made a contribution. If you want to look at the website of Yuvalok the link is

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Post by Tash – Day 2 Yuvalok Visit

Picture 1

Young people gathered
Row by row
Line by line
Connected by source
Eyes fixed on mine
Their smiles are waking
Our hearts are breaking
We’re worlds apart
Their great lives in the making
Delight on faces
Grins ear to ear
Only a small act
But a big impact here
Same old story
Arrive befriend leave
Hard to tear away
But in their future we believe

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Picture 3

Picture 4


Post by Hayley – Day 2 Yuvalok Visit

YuvoLok’s inspiring work began in 1993 as a non-governmental organisation hoping to empower young street/slum children. The organisation invests in the lives of underprivileged children in the city, providing them with an education regardless of their caste and religion. Each of these children are subject to infection, disease and malnutrition, unable to access any form of healthcare or education. The organisation’s investment in thousands of these boys and girls lives over the past 20 years, has not only led to an increased confidence in their future, but also a discovery of their value and potential.
With the help of donations, the organisation is able to provide tuition, two meals, stationary and uniforms, as well as more practical provisions such as healthcare and transport to and from the schools. Access to computer/science laboratories and a library, has led to an impressive and well-rounded breadth of knowledge. They aspire to be more than their parents and instead work towards being able to provide for their families and inspire others. This in turn will help to reduce levels of inequality and deprivation among India’s vast population. Girls in particular, have the opportunity to branch away from traditional employment as maids and cooks.
On a personal note, I believe that the work taking place at Yuvolok is inspiring. Having spoken and interacted with the children at the organisation, it is clear that they appreciate the opportunity to learn and move beyond traditional employment and life styles. Each child seemed excited to learn new things and develop their understanding of not only their own culture, but that of other countries as well.