Post by Rhian – Overall views of the fieldtrip

Rhian picture 2

As we drove around the city, it was difficult to take in all of the activities that were going on around us. I found it amazing that so many people could be in one place at the same time, especially on what was considered the quietest day of the week. Every inch of the streets were being used, from women sitting selling herbs or doing work to pile and piles of rubble and rubbish. A thing that shocked me when driving out of Bangalore and towards the villages was the extent of the dry land and how many lakes had dried up. Population growth has put pressure on water resources through increased demand of water and the need to extend infrastructure out onto the arable land. It was not until seeing the dried up lakes that this issue became very evident and pressing to me, especially as with population growth this issue is only going to get worse. I have found this field trip to be an experience I will never forget. This trip has given depth to what we learn and a greater understanding that there is more to the world than what appears on paper.

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