Post by Camille – Day 2 Visit to Yuvalok

Camille Picture 1A day that stands out for me was Tuesday, when we visited Yuvalok, the charity we chose to raise money for before coming to India. Yuvalok is an NGO which was set up in 1993 with the aim of providing education to hundreds of slum children and child labourers in Bangalore. We were given a wonderful greeting when we arrived at the school – many students, along with the directors and staff of the school, were sat waiting patiently for us as we arrived and we were met with a friendly applause and a beautiful traditional dance performed by four students. I was very impressed by the children’s enthusiasm and joy, and how grateful they are to receive an education – something which is often taken for granted in more developed countries like the UK. At the end we presented our cheque of money that we raised for them – although it didn’t seem like a huge amount considering how much is needed to keep the school running, they still were very thankful that we made a contribution. If you want to look at the website of Yuvalok the link is

Camille Picture 2


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