Post by Liv – Day 2 Yuvalok Visit

Liv Picture 2

Liv Picture 3

We headed over to YuvaLok to meet the charity directors, teachers, staff and children. When we arrived we walked into the school courtyard where some of the children were seated in rows ready to greet us. Chairs were laid out for us and it was rather like being back at school when visitors came, except this time we were the visitors! The staff were introduced to us and we in turn introduced ourselves and told them all a little about ourselves; then it was play time! After playtime we all sat down in the courtyard again and the children were given the chance to ask us questions about life in the UK; this included questions about what we studied at University, what our culture was like, did we like India and could we please sing the National Anthem to them. I’m not 100% sure we did it justice but we gave it our best! It was then time for all the children to head home so we were taken upstairs for a presentation given by the directors to show how our contribution would help them to continue their work. It costs approximately 15,000 rupees a year for each child (£150). We then presented our cheque. It was a completely exhausting afternoon but most definitely worthwhile, I think the only thing any of us would have changed would have been to raise more money in the UK before we came out so that we could have made an even greater difference.

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