Post by Leigh – Day 3 Conducting Qualitative Interviews

Picture 1

The process of starting qualitative research was difficult at first as questioning people about what I would deem personal ‘reflections’ on their life seemed like a difficult task for the researcher and the interviewee. My personal reservations soon dissipated as I found the interviewees were open and responsive even though I was nervous and unskilled. The use of a translator was a daunting task but the skill and empathy of them put me at ease and may be a substantial part of the reason I have a new found respect for qualitative research.
Before this qualitative research experience I found myself drawn towards quantitative research due to the precision and scientific basis but this experience has shown me how qualitative research can give you a deeper understanding and a better perspective on the topic. With qualitative research you are able to understand each individual’s starting point and circumstances. The deeper understanding enables you to clearly state what has changed in each individual’s circumstances and what progress they have made instead of grouping them all together and starting them all on the same base and trying to measure progress.


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